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Rockstar Storytellers in Exile!


Hey there, Rockstar fans — a heads-up that we’ve run into a mess of a mess with our with our previously existing website, and until it can exist again (soon, hopefully) this will be our online home*!

In any case, stay tuned for announcements of upcoming performances by the consciousness that is…

Cut my head out of the picture, will you?

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Example of a Really Bad Promotional Piece - l1nk3d

Do these three things and you’ve done something more than just make an argument for why you’re right and they’re not. You’ve given your readers the motivation to check it out for themselves. You’ve handed them a sincere pitch, and asked them to see if they agree.

And, if you’ve given decent consideration to your own opinion and presented your case in earnest, you can be pretty confident that plenty of others will give it the same critical consideration.

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Sexist, racist sci-fi writers forget their horrible rants are public



"This looks to me like a bunch of dickish old white guys who never got that one memo about sexual harassment needing to stop. This looks like a poor man’s country club. It reeks of the kind of self-proclaimed and unchecked elitism that hasn’t helped anyone maintain the illusion of relevancy since the 1980s. This right here? This is why I’ve never felt compelled to join a fraternal organization. And you can quote me on that."

- Rob Callahan

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